16th September 2018

Sunday 16th September 2018

Trinity 16

A prayer for God’s guidance

Almighty Lord and everlasting God,
we ask you to direct, sanctify and govern both our
hearts and bodies in the ways of your laws and the
works of your commandments;
that through your most mighty protection,
both here and ever, we may be  preserved in body and soul;
through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen


  8.00am     Holy Communion

10.00am     Parish Communion

11.45am     Baptism Service for Elsie Price and Freya Mead

  4.00pm     Church at 4

Diary – Week Commencing 16th September

Monday 17th September

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

10.00am       Bible Study Group – 11 St John Road

6.00pm        ‘Meet the Principle’ – (see separate notice)

7.15pm        ‘Meet the Principle’ – Church

Tuesday 18th September

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

6.00pm        Clergy Surgery– Parish Office

Wednesday 19th September

The Parish Office will be closed today

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Parish Office

Thursday 20th September

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

7.30pm        Choir Practice – Church

Filling Station – Neen & Chris

Friday 21st September

8.45am         Morning Prayer – Prospect Hospice

7.00pm        Bellringers Practice

7.00pm        115 Club (1st & 3rd Friday of the month)

Saturday 22nd September

10.00am       Healing on the Streets – Ellendune Centre

Dates for your diary

Community Engagement Meeting

Next meeting will  be on Tuesday 25th September, 7.30pm at 12 Artis Avenue

Harvest Festival

Sunday 7th October

Pumpkin Party

Wednesday 31st October 4.00pm-6.00pm Church Hall

Remembrance Concert

Saturday 10th November

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Trinity 17

8.00am       Holy Communion

Preacher:      Revd Phill Harrison

Sidespeople: Gillian Pitter and Sally Speller

10.00am     Parish Communion

Preacher:      Revd Phill Harrison

Intercessions: Cheryl Hawkins

Reading:       Psalm 24

Reader:        Dr John Godfree

Gospel:        Matthew 18. 23-35

Servers:        Gillian Pitter and Andrew Kirk

Sidespeople: Rose Humphries and Pat Herring

4.00pm       Church at 4

Led by:         Joan Orman

6.00pm       Evensong

Next Evensong Service Sunday 7th October 


The Church will be floodlit on Wednesday 19th September by Janet Burchell and family in memory of Jack Bamford. 

The Deanery CE Academy, Wichelstowe

Our church has been hosting a series of ‘Meet the Principal’ events on behalf of the school, which is due to open in in our parish in September 2019. These events have been primarily aimed at prospective pupils and their parents. However they are also an opportunity for other interested members of the community to meet Linda Culling and to hear her talk about her vision for the school and it’s Christian values. Please do have a look at the new display boards in the North Aisle and consider coming along to one of the two presentations on Monday evening (6pm and 7:15pm). 

Open the Book

The team taking Open the Book to Wichelstow Primary School needs some more members. We go the school once a month, usually on the third Wednesday, at 9am for the infants’ assembly. Lifts from Wroughton can be arranged, and we don’t expect people to be able to make every session. If you would like to join us to tell a dramatised Bible story to the children, please speak to Joan Orman or Jean Ford. 

Children Society Boxes

If you have a Children’s Society collection box that needs emptying please give it to me at church or call me on 07596 001716 to arrange a time for me to  collect it. I would like to receive all boxes by 5th October.

Many thanks, Carolyn Kirk

Commemorate 100 years of the end of World War 1

To commemorate 100 years of the end of the First World War, there is  a nationwide installation to the fallen called “there but not there”,  of transparent seated military figures. Organisations such as Churches can purchase figures to install in their Churches – the aim of the project is to “commemorate, educate and heal” and money raised will go towards various Veteran charities and the The Commonwealth War Graves Foundation – more information can be found at http://www.therebutnotthere.org.uk/there-but-not-there/. We would like to purchase a transparent figure for our Church – the cost is £42.00. If you would like to contribute towards the cost of a figure, please give your donation to Cheryl Hawkins

Poppy Display

We are planning to make a large display of poppies in church to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 in November. So that we have enough poppies we would like you to get knitting and sewing poppies using any pattern you can find. (there are many patterns on the internet particularly on pinterest) If you need a pattern there are some on the church chest and a box for finished poppies on the pew by the choir vestry. Please get them to us by October.

Home Communion

If you know of anyone who would like the option of Holy Communion at home please speak to Janet in the Parish Office. 

Filling Station

The Filling Station goes into Swindon to provide food for the homeless. The food given to them needs to be things they can eat out of the tin. We particularly need tinned fruit, soup and meat. Thank you for your help.

Cancer Research Shine Walk 2018

Mike Horlock is walking the Half Marathon again and would be grateful  if people would sponsor him for this worthy cause.  Thank you . Rosemary and Brian Horlock.  

Help with accommodation

Is anyone prepared to rent a room to a young Iranian who has to leave his temporary accommodation by 28th September? He is quiet, polite and clean, but is currently on benefits which severely restricts any possibility of renting privately. If you feel you can help, please speak to Margaret Penfound.

Cleaning the Church Brass

We are looking for a volunteer to clean the Church Brass once a month.  If you feel this is something you could do please contact Janet Burchell, Parish Office (812050).

Trip to Weston-Super-Mare

Christ Church has organised a coach trip to Weston-Super-Mare on Friday 21st September leaving from Christ Church at 11am. The Coach will then leave Weston for the return trip home at 4pm. They still have around 20 spaces left.  The cost is only £10 per person.  If you are interested please contact Chris at Christ Church



A few years ago, if you had a mango tree in Chagunda village, Malawi, you would guard it carefully. Mangoes weren’t for sharing!  The climate had changed and people’s crops were failing. Everyone held onto the little food they could grow.  But then the village was thrown a lifeline. Tearfund’s partners in the region, AG Care, trained them in some amazing farming techniques. It showed them how to grow nearly 10 times as much food from their land. Now the people of Chagunda have got more than enough food. They can sell their spare food and pay for precious things like education.  As for the mangoes… now the local children are free to climb the trees and help themselves whenever they want.

Please pray:

  • for Tearfund’s work in villages like Chagunda, making a real difference in people’s lives
  • that people will see the love of God in action in Tearfund’s work
  • for governments, banks and industry to make a real effort to address climate change
  • that we will be willing to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Knitting for Mission to Seafarers

During the last three months I have been able to send off three large boxes of knitted hats, scarves and gloves to Mission to Seafarers. These are distributed to those working on ships in adverse weather conditions who do not own warm clothing.  Thank you to everyone who keeps knitting and to those who provide wool. If you would like to get started there are patterns and wool in the boxes by the choir vestry.  For further information please contact Janet Henderson 525856.

This week please also pray for:-

  • Tearfund
  • Our CMS Mission Partners Phil & Sylvie Good
  • For those getting ready to return or start University
  • Our Bible Study Groups
  • Linda Culling the Principal of The Deanery CE Academy, Wichelstowe
  • Healing on the Streets
  • For those going through difficult times
  • We commend to God’s care and keeping those who have died recently especially George Nutley, Anna Mathias, Mary Farncombe, Doreen Embling and Mike Hollister. We pray for all who mourn the loss of loved ones.