21st October 2018

Sunday 21st October 2018

Trinity 21

For those caught up in tragedy and disaster

O Lord our God,
source of all goodness and love,
accept the fervent prayers of your people;
in the multitude of your mercies look with
compassion upon all who turn to you for help;
for you are gracious, O lover of souls,
and to you we give glory, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
now and for ever.


  8.00am     Holy Communion

10.00am     Parish Communion

11.45am     Christening Service for Oliver Goodfield and Paige Wilkes

  4.00pm     Church at 4

Diary – Week Commencing 21st October

Monday 22nd October

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

10.00am       Bible Study Group – 11 St John Road

7.30pm        Mission Matters Group – 12 Artis Avenue

Tuesday 23rd October

The Parish Office will be closed today

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

Wednesday 24th October

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Parish Office

7.30pm        PCC Meeting

Thursday 25th October

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

7.30pm        Choir Practice – Church

Filling Station – Paul & Hazel

Friday 26th October

8.45am         Morning Prayer – Prospect Hospice

7.00pm        Bellringers Practice

7.00pm        115 Club (1st & 3rd Friday of the month)

Saturday 27th October

Dates for your diary

Pumpkin Party

Wednesday 31st October 4.00pm-6.00pm Church Hall

All Souls Evensong

Sunday 4th November at 6pm

Remembrance Concert

Saturday 10th November

The Big Quiz for Tearfund

Will be on Saturday evening, 17th November in the Church Hall. Save the date

Sunday 28th October 2018

Bible Sunday

8.00am       Holy Communion

Preacher:      Mark Tubey

Sidespeople: Gillian Pitter and Sally Speller

10.00am     Parish Communion

Preacher:      Mark Tubey

Intercessions: Diane Phillips

Reading:       2 Timothy 3: 14– 4: 5

Reader:        Peter Ferguson

Gospel:        John 5. 36b-end

Servers:        Gillian Pitter and Petrina Kingsley

Sidespeople: Alan & Kathy Gregory

4.00pm       Church at 4

Led by:         Revd Phill Harrison

6.00pm       Evensong

Next Evensong Service will be Sunday 4th November 


The Church will be floodlit On Sunday 21st October by Sally Dowden in memory of Vera Newman.

Home Communion

If you know of anyone who would like the option of Holy Communion at home please speak to Janet in the Parish Office.

All Souls Evensong 6.00 pm Sunday 4th November

On All Souls Day the church remembers and gives thanks for the lives of those who we have known and loved; we will be doing this at our All Souls Evensong. If there is someone that you would like to be remembered in the prayers on that day, please fill in their name on the form in church or email office@wroughton.com and we will be pleased to remember and pray for them on that day.

Pumpkin Party

We need some small cakes for the refreshments at our Pumpkin Party on Wednesday 31st October. If you are able to provide some please tell Carolyn Kirk, Joan Orman or Karen Ferguson. 

Stewardship Letters

As you would have heard we are predicting a large deficit this year and an even larger one next year. Please pray about this. We have now had about a quarter of the Stewardship Forms back.  So if you haven’t already please could you return your Stewardship form to the box in Church or to the Parish Office.  If you have asked for further information you should receive that soon however, a few people did not give their name so we are unable to contact them.  If you don’t hear anything please contact Ross or Nick. 

Future of 115 Club

Our church has run a successful youth club in the village since 1991 – 27 years! It encourages team spirit, fellowship and fun; ; and promotes a better understanding of christianity, our Church and its role in the community. Since 2004 the members have sponsored, and fundraised for children & communities in Albania, through World Vision  We currently have a full club of 28 members and a waiting list – BUT are desperately short of leaders and may have to close in 2019 if we can’t find new leaders to organise the running of the club.  If you are able to help, or know of someone who may be interested please speak to Ross Fralley or Helena Thomas (07909 882150). Please pray that new leaders will come forward and that the club will be able to continue.

Poppy Display

Thank you to everyone who made poppies for our display and to Jean Ford who attached all the poppies. The display will be left up in Church for several weeks. 

Tearfund Big Quiz Night

On 17th November we will be taking part in the Tearfund Big Quiz night. Churches and other groups across the country will be joining in the quiz to raise funds for the work of  Tearfund. Our quiz will be held at the church hall and doors will open at 7pm. We will be serving food (please bring your own drinks – tea and coffee will be served). Teams of 6-8 people, please book in advance – tickets available from Margaret Penfound. 

Filling Station Volunteers

We need two volunteers for one hour every nine weeks to prepare the filling station van.  For more information please speak to Jack Gower in Church or contact him on
07516 900805.

Can you help!

The coffee team would greatly appreciate some volunteers to give us a hand. It would entail doing the coffees about once a month. If you are interested please talk to Sally Parker, Carolyn Kirk or Karen Ferguson.


I have had a very sad email from Traidcraft. Trade has been poor recently and they are at present in consultation with the possibility of ceasing trading by the end of the year.  They will continue to run Traidcraft Exchange which works with farmers and local people to give them a fair deal

The Journey

We are looking for people to take part in “The Journey” as our ‘SEA OF PEOPLE’ on 9th December in Old Town.

As part of this epic piece, we are looking for families and individuals of all ages from all walks of life, culture and background to join us for a small but vital part of the experience.  You will be part of the sea of people, the huge number of citizens who were asked to leave their home, without warning and take a long and dangerous journey at the behest of an oppressive regime – sound familiar?

This is still happening now and as part of our retelling of this story, we are paying tribute to the millions of refugees that are experiencing this today.  You will join us at Bath Road and finish your journey at Wood Street. You will just need to wear your own clothes. Families are welcome, unfortunately no prams but babes in arms and hand holding toddlers are welcome.  Can you join us to create this epic visual reminder of troubled times, both past and present?

Contact Anna Friend at thejourneyswindon@gmail.com


Tarija, a small town in Bolivia, is considered to be a little corner of paradise, with green valleys and a mild climate. This makes it a magnet for migrants seeking work, but also those wanting to exploit them through drugs and people trafficking. Tearfund workers are helping churches address these risks and stand by the community to find solutions. Please pray:

  • for the ten churches which have taken up Tearfund’s training and are helping to keep young people free of drugs
  • for Pastor Justiniano, ministering in a slum outside Tarija where there is a severe lack of public services
  • for the Tearfund staff in Bolivia, that they will continue to bring the love of Jesus to the communities in practical ways.

Knitting for Mission to Seafarers

During the last three months I have been able to send off three large boxes of knitted hats, scarves and gloves to Mission to Seafarers. These are distributed to those working on ships in adverse weather conditions who do not own warm clothing.  Thank you to everyone who keeps knitting and to those who provide wool. If you would like to get started there are patterns and wool in the boxes by the choir vestry.  For further information please contact Janet Henderson 525856. 

This week please also pray for:-

  • Tearfund
  • Our CMS Mission Partners Phil & Sylvie Good
  • Those feeling unwell
  • For Indonesia and the suffering of the people after the Tsunami.
  • Members of our PCC who meet this week
  • We commend to God’s care and keeping those who have died recently especially Louisa Knopfler, Betty Darling, Alan McMeeking and Margaret Dixon. We pray for all who mourn the loss of loved ones.