21st April 2019

Sunday 21st April 2019

Easter Sunday


Lord of life
You defeated death
To demonstrate a love that is
Beyond our understanding
That reaches out even to me
Saving Grace to all who hear
Christ the Lord is risen to-day.  Alleluia!


  5.45am          Sunrise Service at Barbury Castle 

  8.00am          Easter Day Communion

10.00am          Easter Day Communion

  4.00pm          Church at 4

Diary – Week Commencing 21st April

Monday 22nd April – Bank Holiday

The Parish Office is closed today

Tuesday 23rd April

The Parish Office is closed today

8.30am            Morning Prayer – Church

7.30pm            Holiday Club Planning Meeting –

16 St Andrews Close

Wednesday 24th April

The Parish Office is closed today

8.30am            Morning Prayer – Church Hall

Thursday 25th April

8.30am            Morning Prayer – Church

7.30pm            Choir Practice – Church

4.00pm            Healing Meeting – 15 Beaufort Road

Filling Station – Carol & Tricia

Friday 26th April

8.45am            Morning Prayer – Prospect Hospice

7.00pm            Bellringers Practice – Church

7.00pm            115 Club – (1st & 3rd Friday of the month)

Saturday 27th April

Parish Office

The Office is closed from Monday 22nd April to Wednesday 24th April.

Dates for your diary 2019

Holiday Club 2019

This year’s Holiday Club will be Monday 12th to Friday 16th August 2019

Sunday 28th April 2019

2nd of Easter

8.00am            Holy Communion

Preacher:        Revd Barbara Abrey

Sidespeople:    Jean Reens and Christine Wrixon

10.00am          Parish Communion

Preacher:        Revd Barbara Abrey

Intercessions: Janet Henderson

Reading:          Acts 5. 27-32

Reader:           John Henderson

Gospel:            John 20. 19-31

Servers:           Petrina Kingsley and Kathy Leach

Sidespeople:    Lillian Wicks and Ross Fralley

4.00pm            Church at 4 – Church Hall

Leader:            Cheryl Hawkins

6.00pm            Evensong (1st Sunday of the month)

                     Our next Service will be Sunday 5th May

Gluten free wafers

If you require a gluten free wafer for holy communion please let a sidesperson know.


The Church will be floodlit on Friday 26th April by Angela Condict in memory of her husband, Neal David Condict.


Congratulations and welcome to Carolyn Perry, Lynda Pell, Sally Parker, Hannah Wrixon and Diane Phillips who were elected to the Parochial Church Council at our Annual Meeting on 7 April and also to Martina Lewis who was co-opted onto the council at the PCC meeting which immediately followed. Please pray for them and all PCC members in preparation for their first meeting on May 14th. 

Low Sunday 28th April

Our organ bears a plaque marked “Herbert Vanstone Castle, organist and choirmaster at this church from 1952-1963.” Bert moved to Uganda after leaving Wroughton and died there suddenly at the age of 61 in 1969. His daughter Lynne was born in Swindon in 1943 and was married in Wroughton Church, with her father as organist, in 1962. Trained as a nurse and latterly the Night Manager of the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, she was also a piano teacher and still plays the organ at local churches in the Holsworthy area of Devon. On Sunday the 28th April she will return to Wroughton for the first time and will play music for part of the service on the organ her father played upon. We welcome her and members of her family to church on that day.

Sunday 19th May: 5th of Easter

Although not the first Sunday of the month, we will sing a fully Choral Evensong on 19th May (at 6.00pm) to mark the 25th anniversary of my first playing at Wroughton Church. Many guest singers from all over the region will supplement our own choir for this musical feast and there will food and drinks afterwards.  John Henderson

Healing meeting  

There will be a healing meeting on Thursday 25th April at 15 Beaufort Road at 4pm. Carolyn Perry 813823.

Count your Blessings

We hope you have found the Count your Blessings leaflets thought provoking but interesting during Lent. Please make sure that Christian Aid benefits from the challenges by sending them your donations. The instructions are in the back of the leaflet. Your generosity will help many people struggling to survive.

Filling Station Sandwiches

Our church has been asked to provide sandwiches etc. for the homeless in Swindon on Thursday, 25th April. If you are able to provide something, please put your name on the

sign-up sheet on the church chest and take a reminder card. All items need to be brought to 11 St John Road by 5.00 pm on 25th.  Many thanks, Margaret Penfound

Holiday Club

We have had some offers of help so it looks as if we will be able to go ahead. The next meeting for leaders and helpers is on Tuesday 23rd April at 7.30 at 16 St Andrew’s Close.

Meanbean Challenge.

Margaret and Carolyn together raised £578 from sponsorship for taking the Meanbean Challenge. This amount will be doubled by the UK government and will be used by Tearfund to help those who struggle to feed themselves and their families. A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored us so generously.

Do you shop at Waitrose?

If you shop at Waitrose in Mill Lane please can I ask you to use your green tokens throughout April to support Cancer Ninjas. This group was set up by Mike Horlock following the loss of his wife to Breast Cancer, they support Cancer UK in the belief that by doing a little, together we can achieve a lot. Thank you. Jean Ford

Joyce Mwangi

I have just heard from Joyce and am delighted to say that she was able to pay for her daughter’s exams which have now begun. Thank you to all of you who contributed and prayed for her. Sally Parker


Swindon Youth for Christ

Swindon Youth for Christ is aiming to take the Good News of Jesus to every young person in Swindon. They want to do this in ways that are relevant to the lives the young people are living.

They work with local churches in primary and secondary schools, taking assemblies and lessons, and running lunchtime and after-school clubs.

The focus of their out-of-school work is changing to use sport to connect churches and their communities.

Please pray for their partnerships with local churches as they work to make contact with the town’s young people. 

Knitting for Mission to Seafarers

Knitters you are amazing. This week I have sent off a parcel of 20 hats and 15 scarves and am already half way to the next box full. Thank you all very much. We have been given a lot of wool recently so thank you to the donors and please take some if you would like to get knitting. It is on the pew near to the piano. Further information from Janet Henderson 525856.

This week please also pray for:-

  • Swindon Youth for Christ
  • For those who feel lonely, sad, depressed
  • For the Holiday Club Planning Meeting this week
  • Our Healing team as they meet this week
  • For the staff and patients at the Prospect Hospice
  • We commend to God’s care and keeping those who have died recently especially Royston Gobey, Pam Allen and Ray Morse. We pray for all who mourn the loss of loved ones.