17th & 24th July 2022



8am                     HOLY COMMUNION in Church

10am                   HOLY COMMUNION in Church and on YouTube.


4pm                     CHURCH AT 4 MEETING in the Church Hall

All ages welcome.


MONDAY 18TH JULY         7.30pm     Mission Matters Meeting

TUESDAY 19th JULY          9.00am     Morning Prayer in Church

THURSDAY 21th JULY       9.00am     Morning Prayer in Church

                                           2.00pm     Funeral in Church for Shirley Long

SUNDAY 24th JULY 2022


8am                     HOLY COMMUNION in Church

Preacher:            Sally Hunter

Sidesperson:       Ron & Joan Reader

10am                   HOLY COMMUNION in Church and on YouTube. 

Preacher:            Revd Phill Harrison

                             Intercessions:     Sheila Tubey

                             Reading:              Genesis 18. 20-32

              Reader:               Helen Toomer

                             Sidespersons:     Lillian Wicks

4pm                     CHURCH AT 4 MEETING IN THE CHURCH HALL All ages welcome.

TUESDAY 26th JULY          9.00am     Morning Prayer in Church

THURSDAY 28th JULY       9.00am     Morning Prayer in Church

SATURDAY 30TH JULY       2.00pm     Memorial Service for Georgia Nicholson 

SUNDAY 31st JULY 2022


8am                     MORNING PRAYER in Church

Preacher:            Revd Chris Hunter

Sidesperson:       David & Lynda Pell

10am                   HOLY COMMUNION in Church and on YouTube. 

Preacher:            Revd Chris Hunter

                             Intercessions:     Dr John Godfree

                             Reading:              Ecclesiastes 1:2, 12-14, 2:18-23

              Reader:               Ida Morton

                             Sidespersons:     Alan & Kathy Gregory 

4pm                     CHURCH AT 4 MEETING IN THE CHURCH HALL All ages welcome.

TUESDAY 2ND AUGUST     9.00am     Morning Prayer in Church

                                             11.00am  Memorial Service for Maureen Ellis

THURSDAY 4TH AUGUST  9.00am     Morning Prayer in Church

If you would like to join a small group, please contact the leaders of the groups below and find out where there is space. We would love to have everyone involved in a small group.


22 Kellsborough Avenue Monday’s, 10am-11.30

Now on a Summer break

Lillian Wicks

Louise Bessent

12 Artis Avenue Tuesday’s at 7.30pm Carolyn Kirk
Church Hall Alternate Tuesday evenings Nick Orman
Church Hall Saturday men’s breakfast Mike Mason


Live streaming the 10am service

The 10am service will be live streamed on You Tube. Please visit our YouTube Channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6wnuTqXBYTixq-NpQgeLQ (or search for Wroughton and Wichelstowe Parish church) and press the ‘subscribe’ button.

Mask wearing in church

The current PCC policy requesting that masks continue to be worn in church has been updated to recognise individual choice so that mask wearing will now be advisory only, providing that the president and chalice assistants will continue to wear masks during the distribution of Holy Communion. As Covid 19 has not disappeared, the situation will be kept under review.

Chris Hunter’s ordination

After the disappointment of getting Covid on the day he was due to be ordained, Chris has now been given a new date. He will be ordained priest in Bristol Cathedral at 6pm on Thursday 29th September. Further details will follow in September.

New Churchwarden’ – Congratulations to Lynn Hezlett who was elected churchwarden last Sunday. We now have the full complement of churchwardens and pray that God will bless both Lynn and Peter Ferguson in their duties going forward.’

Church Cleaning Rota

With Margaret moving away and changes to jobs and circumstances we have gaps in two of the teams for cleaning the church. If you feel that you could spare an hour or two every six weeks and would like to join one of our cleaning teams then please contact Janet Henderson on 01793 525856 or singingjan@icloud.com Thank you

Time to Deliver

In 2009 wealthy governments promised to give $100 billion each year from 2020 to enable lower-income countries to respond to the climate crisis. These promises have not been kept.

Britain still holds the COP presidency and is in a position to influence other countries to make good on the promises they made. Tearfund is asking us to call on our government to ensure these promises are fulfilled.

There are cards on the church chest that you can fill in to petition the government to act. Rather than return them individually, you can leave them in church and we will return them in bulk. 

Churches ‘Count on Nature’ Wildlife Survey

We took part in the national churches ‘Count on Nature’ survey in early June and in a short time managed to identify  92 species of plants, trees, birds, insects etc in our churchyard, which shows that we have a wealth of wildlife which is our responsibility to cherish and nurture as part of God’s creation. Our Eco church group has plans to further improve the biodiversity of the churchyard …… which we’ll update you on in the autumn.

In the meantime take a walk around all the areas of the churchyard and spot the bird boxes, bug hotels, wildflower areas etc and sit and listen to the birdsong……

Eco Top Tips – practical ways to take better care of God’s creation

July –Transport Tips

  1. Be loving to others by taking the train or coach when you can. It helps ease congestion by taking your car off the road and has half the carbon footprint of a small car (coach 80g and train 100g CO2e per person per mile).
  2. If you are in your car show love and respect to pedestrians. Park on the road, not on their pavement – think pushchairs and disability scooters. Their walking mile has a carbon footprint of 1g compared to your small car of 280g CO2e a mile.


We commend to God’s care and keeping those who have, died recently Shirley Long and Maureen Ellis.  We pray for all those who mourn the loss of a loved one.

Parish Office

The office will be closed from Monday 17th to Friday 22nd July as I will be on annual leave.  Janet Burchell

The Parish Office, Priors Hill, Wroughton, SN4 0RT Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am to 1.30pm

01793 812050  office@wroughton.com  Revd Phill Harrison – Vicar 01793 812301 vicar@wroughton.com

Revd Chris HunterCurate 01793 814987 curate@wroughton.com  Church Twitter Account – @WroughtonWichel

Find us on Facebook – Wroughton and Wichelstowe Parish Church

Please follow us for all the latest updates from Wroughton Parish Church.



Connecting Faith and Finance for a Fairer World 

“It is well with those who deal generously and lend, who conduct their affairs with justice”   Psalm 112 v 5   

How ethical is your bank account?

Is it possible to love our neighbour and care for creation through our choice of bank account? It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but who we bank with has an impact on the world.

. What do you know about your bank’s values and practices? It’s possible that your money is being invested in things you view as harmful.

The world is waking up to the need to move away from fossil fuels, but our big high street banks, like Barclays and HSBC, are still funding coal power projects The good news is that there are banks out there that are helping shape a fairer, greener world, and some of the bigger banks are taking positive steps due to pressure from their customers.

Shining a light on our financial decisions and consumer choices can feel challenging, but it’s an important part of our discipleship and stewardship. Could you set aside some time this week to reflect on your choice of bank? Imagine if every Christian banked with an ethical bank! What a difference that could make.

Invest your money responsibly by doing two or more of the following:

  • Find out where your money goes.  You can check the ethical credentials of a wide range of saving and investment products with the Your Ethical Money website  www.ethicalmoney.org
  • Voice your concerns about responsible investment by writing to your bank or pension provider, and ask if you can opt out of funds investing in fossil fuels or arms production
  • Move your current account to an ‘ethical bank’. (Triodos and Nationwide both have excellent ethical credentials ……)
  • Visit the “Make My Money Matter” campaign website (www.makemymoneymatter.co.uk) which brings together pension savers to demand their money is invested in a way which helps, not harms the planet, aligns with their values and protects future generations
  • Visit the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility  www.eccr.org.uk for more resources on how to take action with your finances
  • Be an activist!  Join ‘Market Forces’ (www.marketforces.org.uk) and bring pressure on banks such as Barclays, HSBC and Standard Chartered to abandon fossil fuels for good.


Eco Church Group