23rd August 2015

2015 Year of discipleship

Sunday 23rd & 30th August 2015

Trinity 12 & 13


8.00am        Holy Communion

10.00am      Parish Communion

4.00pm        Church at 4 – Church Hall

Diary – Week Commencing – Sunday 23rd August

The Parish Office will be closed this week

Monday 24th August

8.30am         Holy Communion – Church

8.00pm        Supp & Chat – The Brown Jack

Tuesday 25th August

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

6.00pm        Clergy Surgery – Parish Office

8.00pm        Friends of WPC Committee Meeting

Wednesday 26th August

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Parish Office

10.00am       Holy Communion – St Joseph’s

12 to 2 pm   Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Church Hall

Thursday 27th August

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

7.30pm        Choir Practice – Church

Filling Station – Lucy & Ann Marie

Friday 28th August

8.45am         Morning Prayer – Prospect Hospice

7.00pm        Bellringers Practice – Church

Saturday 29th August

9.30am         Healing on the Streets – Ellendune Centre

2.00pm        Wedding Service for Mark Newton and Jennifer Stanford

Diary – Week Commencing – Sunday 30th August

Monday 31st August – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 1st September

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

2.00pm        Funeral Service for Tyanni Tendayl

6.00pm        Clergy Surgery – Parish Office

7.30pm        Buildings Committee Meeting

Wednesday 2nd September

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Parish Office

10.00am       Holy Communion – St Joseph’s

7.30pm        PCC Meeting – Church

Thursday 3rd September

8.30am         Morning Prayer – Church

7.30pm        Choir Practice – Church

Filling Station – Tracy Mason and Keith Bassett

Friday 4th September

8.45am         Morning Prayer – Prospect Hospice

7.00pm        Bellringers Practice – Church

Saturday 5th September

Forthcoming Events

Supp and Chat

Monday 24th August at 8pm at The Brown Jack

Harvest Supper

6th October, Legge House.

Sunday 30th August 2015

Trinity 13

8.00am       Holy Communion

Preacher:      Teresa Townsend

Sidesmen:     John & Iris Smith

10.00am    Parish Communion

Preacher:      Teresa Townsend

Intercessor:  Margaret Penfound

Reading:       James 1: 17-end

Reader:        Lillian Wicks

Servers:        Cheryl Hawkins and Kathy Gregory

Sidesmen:     David & Mary Evans

4.00pm       Church at 4 – Church Hall, Priors Hill

Led by:         Revd Nicola Such

Sunday 6th September 2015

Trinity 14

8.00am       Holy Communion

Preacher:      Canon Michael Johnson

Sidesmen:     Alan & Christine Wrixon

10.00am    Parish Communion

Preacher:      Cheryl Hawkins

Intercessor:  Revd Barbara Abrey

Reading:       James 2: 1-10, 14-17

Reader:        Keith Bassett

Servers:        Jean Ford and Alan Gregory

Sidesman:     Lillian Wicks and Jean Leo

4.00pm       Church at 4 – Church Hall, Priors Hill

Led by:         Tracy Mason

6.00pm       Evensong

Preacher:      Canon Michael Johnson

Intercessor:  Dr John Henderson

1st Reading: Exodus 14: 5-end

Reader:        Sarah Ruck

2nd Reading:          Matthew 6: 1-18

Reader:        Malcolm Morrison

Servers:        Gillian Pitter

Sidesman:     Tony & Julie Edmonds


Happy Birthday to Ann Smith, Roxanne Woodfield, Edward Winter, Trish Turner, Pat Herring, David Evans, Ann Rainey, Cheryl Holt, Tanya Orr and Barbara Abrey who celebrate their birthdays during the coming week.


The Church will be floodlit on Monday 24th August by Mary Smith & family in memory of much, missed, husband, father & grandad, David John Smith; On Wednesday 26th August by Mike & Catherine Barker in memory of Mark Anthony Barker on his 50th Birthday.

2015 The Year of Discipleship

Church at 4

Our new informal service is on Sundays in the Church Hall

Who is it for? Anyone who likes informal and interactive worship

What sort of music? Mainly contemporary worship songs

What sort of teaching? We’ll explore Bible themes and stories with opportunity for discussion

How long will it last? About an hour

Is there anything for children? There will be separate groups for children for the second part of the service; the first part will be for people of all ages

What about refreshments? Of course!

We look forward to welcoming you.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic…

We’ll be hosting a simple Teddy Bear’s picnic for families with children aged 7 and under on Wed 26th August 12-2pm meeting at the church hall… a few games, a story and a couple of crafts…and would love some helpers! If you would be able to come please let Nicola know…you can bring your teddy too! Other events taking place that we need your help are Saturday 5th September (pm) – East Wichel Community Day Stall and Saturday 12th September 2 to 5pm – Wroughton Late Summer Picnic. Please speak to Nicola to find out more!

Thank You

I’d like to express my thanks for such an enjoyable celebration for my 100th birthday at Evensong on the 2nd August. I was very touched by all the fuss and am still enjoying remembering it. Thank you all. Joyce Davis.

Church Lifts

Currently we have three people asking for lifts to our 10am Parish Communion. If you are able to help, please speak to the vicar or contact the Parish Office (812050) with your offer. Thank you

Going for Growth

Beginning the week of 7th September there will be the opportunity to join a small group for a 5 week bible study course focusing on growing in the fruits of the Spirit, in the lead up to our Parish weekend away at the end of October. The format will be very similar to our Lent groups this year and we hope to run daytime and evening groups. Do sign up and say what time would be good for you to meet, or speak to Nicola, Margaret or Teresa.

Childrens Society Collection Boxes

I am collecting and emptying the The Children’s Society boxes a little earlier this year. If you have a box that needs emptying please bring it to me at church or alternatively call me on Sw 637161 and we can arrange a time for me to call round and collect the box or count it at your house.

The Ride and Stride is scheduled for

Saturday 12th September 2015.

This year’s Wiltshire Historic Churches Cycle Ride and Stride, organised by the Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust, takes place on Saturday 12th September. The event seeks participants to raise sponsorship by visiting as many Wiltshire Churches as they are able in the day, either by bicycle or on foot (or horseback, if you wish), commencing at 10.00 am and concluding at 6.00 pm. The participating Churches take you across the county’s urban and rural scenery. Whether you just want to visit handful of churches or fill the whole day, it doesn’t matter – if you are interested in taking part in this sponsored event, raising money for the maintenance and fabric of Wiltshire’s many and varied historic church buildings, please contact local event organiser, Mike Mason (tel 632574) for further details and a sponsor form. There is also a dedicated facility for this event in ‘Just Giving’, so sponsorship can be managed on line.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Israel

22nd February—29th February 2016

A Pilgrimage through Galilee and Jericho and Jerusalem. A visit to Bethlehem and the Shepherds fields. Masada and the Dead Sea and much more. If you would like more information and an Itinerary for the Pilgrimage please see Dr John Godfree or email johnrgodfree@btinternet.com


Mission to Seafarers

Over the next two months your prayers are asked for this charity.  We have heard much about the many fleeing their home countries by boat to escape conflict and persecution.  Yet in the background of these crises there are hundreds of merchant seafarers whose moral and legal duty is to intervene in human tragedies at sea and attempt rescues, in the absence of coastguard and naval intervention. Seafarers put lives first. However, this too comes at great risk to their personal safety and indeed to their mental wellbeing. The Mission to Seafarers is working with seafarers who have been so traumatised by major incidents of shipping disasters involving great loss of human lives, that they need its help and support with post-traumatic stress counselling. The perilous predicament of seafarers should be emphasised because without them many more lives will be lost.  The world expects so much of seafarers in these rescue operations but don’t give them a thought in terms of the danger that this places them in.

Please pray:

  • for the safety of seafarers and migrants in dangerous situations on the open sea
  • for the Mission to Seafarers offering help and counselling to seafarers badly affected by their experiences
  • that the International Christian Maritime Association’s lobbying of governments to recognise the role of seafarers in this human tragedy will be successful.

ESL Kenya

Some of you may remember Joyce Mwangi giving a brief talk on her Kenyan charity ESL Kenya, a project providing wells for clean water. They are desperately short of funds and she has asked me to try to sell the baskets she left with me. For church members they are £20 each and I will try to bring some up every Sunday thank you. Sally Parker

This week please pray for:-

  • The Mission to Seafarers
  • The residents of Plummer Close and Priors Hill
  • Mark & Jennifer and their families as they marry in Church
  • PCC Committee as they meet this week
  • We commend to God’s care and keeping those who have died recently especially Tyanni Tendayl. We pray for all who mourn the loss of loved ones.