14th June 2020

Trinity 1 Dear all, As each day goes by there is a growing consensus that although we still need to be careful, we are through the worst. This is good news indeed and we are already able to enjoy limited new freedoms. From 15th June there will be some limited re-opening of churches for private … [Read more…]

7th June 2020

Trinity Sunday Dear All, My ‘staycation’ last week went well. We were able to spend some family time relaxing together without the nagging feeling that one or more of us ought to be getting on with some work. The weather was wonderful so the garden got a bit of attention and we went for some … [Read more…]

31st May 2020

PENTECOST Dear All As Phill is taking a well deserved rest this week he has asked me to write something for the newsletter.  I know that many of you who are not completely isolating have been taking your daily exercise by going for walks in the beautiful spring weather.  Our local scenery is amazing, and … [Read more…]

24th May 2020

7th Sunday of Easter Dear all, Those of you with younger Children and Grandchildren, and especially anyone who has been involved in home-schooling, will know that next week is half-term. My family would usually go camping for a couple of nights and perhaps visit parents/grandparents, all of whom live some distance away. However, this holiday … [Read more…]

17th May 2020

Dear all, One of the charities that I support is Open Doors, an organisation that helps persecuted Christians around the world, both in practical ways and through prayer and advocacy. They send me a monthly prayer diary and as part of this I recently read about isolated Christians in North Africa, who have been rejected … [Read more…]

10th May 2020

5th Sunday of Easter Dear all, Occasionally I find that life catches up with me a bit and this week was one of those weeks. After seven Sundays (vicars count in Sundays, not weeks!) I suspect that social isolation, restrictions on movement and a whole new way of living and working have taken their toll … [Read more…]

3rd May 2020

4th Sunday of Easter Dear all, We live in a time when many people are asking some of the really big questions of life and death. One of the biggest, most obvious, questions that people might ask is “If God is all-loving and all-powerful, then why doesn’t he just put an end to coronavirus?” It’s … [Read more…]

26th April 2020

3rd Sunday of Easter Dear all, I hope you are keeping safe and well as we come to another weekend in this strange time imposed on us by covid 19.  I know that some people seem to be working twice as hard as normal while others have not been able to work at all or … [Read more…]

19th April 2020

  Dear all, Our Easter Sunday celebrations this year were certainly different! We were joined on the telephone service by an actual live lamb (never had one of those in church before), although I still can’t quite decide which household he/she was part of? There were also a few gremlins on the line and they … [Read more…]

Sunday 12th April 2020

Sunday 12th April 2020 Easter Day Dear all, It is often said that the church isn’t the building, but the community of people who worship in it; we are the church. The truth of this is being borne out in our present situation, where we are seeing the church at work in both practical and … [Read more…]