115 Club

Every Friday from 7.00pm till  9.00pm (term time) we run a most excellent youth club for 10 – 15 year olds:

NEW TERM BEGINS Friday 9th January 2015 at the Church Hall 7pm – 9pm.  New members welcome.

Some of our regular events include:

Club night – hang out with your friends, play pool on a mini table, table tennis or bring your own things to do. We have a uni hockey set that is always fun to play.

Hike and kip – sometimes we get dropped off at Pizza Hut in West Swindon, have a meal, walk back and sleep in the church hall overnight. An early start in the morning is rewarded with a cooked breakfast. If we don’t go out for a meal, we do a circular walk, try not to get too lost, come back for a very late soup supper. It’s one of our highlights.

LaserQuest – another popular outing.  See who can get the highest score.

Quiz and chips – see if your team can beat the leaders!  Often, it is the members who create the quiz and the leaders don’t always know the answers!  Chips are a welcome break in the middle.

Scavenger hunts – how many different bits of rubbish can you fit in a matchbox?  You’d be surprised!!

Easter egg hunt in the church at Easter. Have a go at ringing the bells while you’re there.

BBQ at the vicarage. Michael and Sue put on an amazing spread – regardless of the weather. Burgers and strawberries are just as delicious in the rain as in the sunshine!!

Sometimes, in the summer, we will have a sleepover in the church hall followed by a day trip out. Last summer, we went to Longleat. If we can, we go away for a weekend of activities at an outdoor activity centre.  I think the leaders have just as much fun as the members!!

We also support a child called Leonard through the World Vision organisation. He lives in Albania and would not be able to attend school if the 115 Club didn’t help him financially.

Oh, and not forgetting the tuck shop!  Always available when we are based in the church hall. We can cater for most dietary needs too!

Well, these are just some of the things that we do at the moment but we are always looking for new ideas. Come along and see what you think. It would be great to see you.


Contact: 115@wroughton.com

Info for parents/carers:  All 115 Club Leaders hold Enhanced Plus DBS Clearance Certificates.   We operate under the Safe and Sound Guidelines as set out by the Bristol Diocese and work with a ratio of 1:8 for any age in our group.