Rogation Prayers

Food! Essential for all of us. We’ve been finding out recently how important local food is to our community.

Rogationtide was traditionally the time to pray for a good harvest, and enough food for the coming year, so let’s look around our village and think and pray.

Thank you Lord for all the farms in our village, and all the people who work to provide our food. Please bless them and help them.





Lord God, may our farm animals stay healthy, and be well cared for. Please help our nation maintain high standards of animal welfare.




Lord, so much of our crops are dependent on the weather. We pray that rain will water the land at the right time, and that pests that survived the mild winter will not be troublesome.

We have heard about milk and other produce being wasted because it can’t reach those who need it. Please help us reduce waste, and bless the supply chains from farms to consumers.

Thank you for places that the community can grow food, like Willowbrook Gardens. May it be a useful resource for the village.






Thank you that many of us are able to produce some of our food ourselves. Please help us to seize the opportunities there are to do this.






Lord, we hear that bees and other pollinators are under threat. Please may the land be used so that there is nectar to feed them, and may the use of bee-harming pesticides be stopped.







Our food is dependent on the weather, and extremes of heat and cold, rain and drought will damage the harvest. Please help us reduce our carbon emissions so that global climate change can be limited.

Lord God, we pray that the harvests will be good, and that there will be enough food for our community and others for the year ahead.



Thank you to everyone who provided photographs for this page