Small groups

Do you sometimes struggle with life as a Christian?  Does the Bible confuse you? Need help in coping with life’s pressures?  You can find help with all of these as a member of a small group.

By meeting regularly with a few people in an informal setting (usually someone’s home) we have an opportunity to talk about our faith, ask those awkward questions without feeling embarrassed and support one another as we work out our Christianity in our everyday lives.

If you are interested in being part of a group, please have a look at those currently running. You will receive a warm welcome at any of them. For more information contact Margaret Penfound, Nicola Such (on the numbers below) or Teresa Townsend tel. 812734

Lent groups- join us for our 5 week course- ‘Journeying with Jesus’

Monday- 10am at 11 St John Rd (Margaret)

Tuesday- 7.30pm at 12 Artis Ave (Carolyn/Sadie)

Wednesday- 7.30pm at 67 Savill Crescent (Tracy/Mark)

Thursday- 7.30pm (Nicola/Barbara)

                   22nd Feb and 1st March at 17 Edgar Row Close

                   8th, 15th and 22nd March at 49 Perry’s Lane

Friday- 3pm at 11 St John Rd (Margaret/Teresa)



10.00am:  Bible study at 11 St John Road

contact: Margaret Penfound tel. 812139

8.00pm: occasional weeks- Sup and Chat in The Brown Jack pub

contact: Gwen Poole tel. 813573


7.30pm: alternate weeks- Bible study at 12 Artis Avenue

contact: Carolyn Kirk tel. 637161


7.30pm: House Group every few weeks at 11 Petter Close

contact: Peter Jeffreys tel. 07974 977315


Men’s group

We are a group of men, currently 14, who meet approximately every month: always 8.30 Saturday morning (where the host normally lays on breakfast).

The group is open to all – primarily men, but women are welcome on any of the social activities we organise.

Some of our activities so far (additional to the monthly meeting):

  • We have had a very successful day hike over at the forest of dean,
  • Led the family service
  • CVM (Christian Viewpoint for Men) visit in Bath
  • Camping/walking trip into Wales.

… and sometimes the local pub visit !!

For more information please see any of the members at church:

Peter Sewell, Keith Bassett,Mike Awre, Mike Mason, Clive Parker, Peter Jeffreys, Jamie McRobie