The churchyard covers around five acres which includes a wild area, an extensive area of grass and two steep banks where over the years trees has been planted. It is cared for by parishioners whose aim is to make it an oasis of peace and tranquility. Visitors can make use of the numerous seats to sit and contemplate, as well as marvel at the panoramic views to the north over our neighbour Swindon and beyond to the Cotswolds on the horizon. A fine old yew dominates the front which protects some fine old tombs under its wide branches.



The annual inspection of the Churchyard took place on 4th November. The following memorials were found to be unsafe. They should be repaired using a NAMM approved ground anchor system. Further details are available from the Vicar or the Parish Office, Priors Hill.

North Side of Church

Name Date of death Comments
Peter Knight and Jessie Knight 1979/1981 Headstone loose

Elcombe Point

Name Date of death Comments
Frederick John Bowering and   Eliza Annie Bowering February 1967 and  1972 Headstone loose         Laid down for safety

Legge House Extension

Name Date of death Comments
Ruth Elizabeth Jones August 1947 Loose headstone
Mavis Dorothy Jones August 1982 Laid down for safety

Lower Churchyard

Name Date of death Comments
John Durham November 1989 Laid down for safety
Bob Smith 08/08/2000 Laid down for safety
James W Foster           Gertrude  Louise Foster Feb 1972                June 1975 Laid down for safety