21st January 2024

Epiphany 3


8am                       HOLY COMMUNION in Church

10.00am               HOLY COMMUNION in Church and on YouTube



Tuesday 23rd January                       9.00am                 Morning Prayer – Church

Thursday 25th January                     9.00am                 Morning Prayer – Church


The Presentation

8am                        MORNING PRAYER in Church

                                Preacher:             Sally Hunter

Sidespersons:    David & Lynda Pell

10.00am               HOLY COMMUNION in Church and on YouTube      

                                 Preacher:             Revd Barbara Abrey

                                 Intercessor:        John Henderson

                                 Reading:               Malachi 3. 1-5

                                 Reader:                 Helen Toomer    

                                Altar Server:       Gillian Pitter and Louise Sampson

                                Sidespersons:    Rose Humphries and Pat Herring

Live streaming the 10am service

The 10am service will be live streamed on You Tube. Please visit our YouTube Channel on https://www.youtube.com/@WroughtonWichelstoweParChurch (or search for Wroughton and Wichelstowe Parish church) and press the ‘subscribe’ button.

‘Sunday Club’ dates

Our Sunday morning group for primary school aged children takes place in the Vicarage during the 10am service, usually on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.  Future dates are:

Date Adults- lead/support
7/1 Tracy/Beth
21/1 Phill/ Karen F
4/2 Barbara/Carolyn
18/2 Sally/Miriam
3/3 Karen H/ Lyn
17/3 Hannah/Holly
7/4 Joan/Helena T


Small Groups

If you would like to join a small group, please contact the leaders of the groups below and find out where there is space. We would love to have everyone involved in a small group.

22 Kellsborough Avenue Mondays 10am-11.30


  Lillian Wicks

Louise Bessent

12 Artis Avenue Tuesdays at 7.30pm   Carolyn Kirk
Church Hall Alternate Tuesday evenings   Nick Orman
The Vicarage Wednesday evenings during term time.   Karen & Phill Harrison
Church Hall Saturday men’s breakfast   Mike Mason

Revd Phill update

After making what has felt like very slow progress recovering from Covid, I am very happy to now be able to do a few more things. On the advice of the doctor, I will be on a phased return to work during January and will be working 9am to 1pm Mon, Tue, Weds, Thur and Sun. A heartfelt thank you to those who have been praying for me over the last couple of months and also to Chris and Barbara for taking on extra work over the busy Christmas period.

Update on the Deanery School

Many people will have seen in the press that The Deanery School in Wichelstowe was given a Special Measures judgement by OFSTED in September. This was a very disappointing outcome for the school; it doesn’t reflect the level of care, dedication and hard work put in by staff at the school, but it is reflective of some of the significant challenges that they have faced over the last few years. As a result of this judgement, the Department for Education will be taking responsibility for running The Deanery and The Kingfisher schools away from DBAT (Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust) and joining them with another school multi-academy trust. Loss of such a large school has a significant impact on DBAT’s finances and means that they cannot continue to support their remaining primary schools in the way that they need to. DBAT trustees have therefore take the difficult decision to start the process to transferring all DBAT schools to other multi-academy trusts and cease the operation of DBAT.

Revd Owen Green (the chaplain at The Deanery and Kingfisher schools) writes:

‘I don’t have a lot of words at the moment, I both want to sit and weep, and also madly run around trying to make the future a better one than the past, as well as sit with those for whom this has happened on their watch. Jesus reminds us that “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you might have life in all its fullness.” ‘. Please remember to pray for Owen and the team as they navigate these choppy waters.

Church – Replastering

The replastering in the North Aisle is now complete.  We hope we will soon be able to resume tea and coffee after the service.  The builders have now started replastering in the baptisery corner.  The top coat of plaster in the North Aisle will remain soft for at least a couple of weeks.  Please do NOT touch it as it has taken a lot of work to get this finish!

Date for your diary – Afternoon tea, Saturday 2nd March

Our Wednesday housegroup is organising an afternoon tea (the full works!) in aid of the Swindon Food Collective on Saturday 2nd March, in the church hall from

3.30-5pm. More details to follow soon, but do put the date in your diary and think about any friends you could invite to join you for a special treat!

Communion Music

From this coming Sunday we will be singing different Communion music and changing back to The “St Helen’s Service” setting which we previously sung from 2000-2018.  Many of our congregation will find this immediately familiar, but more recently joined members will not. However it is quite easy to pick up.

Children Society Boxes

Its time to empty the Children society boxes – if you have a collection box that needs emptying, please can you bring it to church and pass it to Carolyn Kirk by the end of January if possible.  Many thanks.

Pancake Races

As Shrove Tuesday falls in school holidays this year we will be having Pancake Races on Tuesday 13th February. As usual we will meet in Willow Brook Gardens at 11.30 am and then move to the Church Hall at midday to eat pancakes. If the weather is wet we will race in the Church Hall. We need some extra help in the kitchen and to chat to people (and eat pancakes).  If you can offer help in the kitchen please speak to Jean Ford. Those racing (all ages welcome) should bring their own frying pan. Volunteers speak to Barbara.

Church First Aid Appeal

Church is a place where we come to share fellowship, to worship and to learn about God. It should be a place where we can be open and honest with our Lord.  Part of this is feeling secure and relatively safe from harm, whether it be physical, or from others.

The P.C.C. takes this responsibility seriously and has “safeguarding” policies and procedures in place accordingly. We also want to improve and broaden our provision against the unfortunate event of illness or accidents. We are therefore renewing our appeal for members of the congregation who are willing to provide First Aid to make themselves known, with your qualification, to the Clergy, Lorna Robinson (PCC Secretary) or Mark Tubey (Safeguarding Officer).

If you are willing to help others who are unwell, or injured, but do not have First Aid / medical qualification then please also make yourself known to the above. The P.C.C. are looking at the possibility of arranging a First Aid Course. The cost will depend on how many volunteers we have come forward.

We are not looking at a Rota, just ensuring that stewards / church wardens know who to turn to should help be needed. Help us to help make Church the safe and caring place it should be.  Thank you.   Mark.

The Joy of Art

On Sunday 28th Jan (3pm to 4.15pm) Chris and & Sue Offord will be running and hosting a session exploring a classical piece of Christian Art within a biblical context.   The session will include a short talk, plus a discussion with the group and a chance to sketch a portion of the masterpiece under the guidance of Chris.   It will take place at Delni Art Gallery Studio at Studley Grange Garden centre, Wroughton with refreshments available.  Places are very limited due to space, so please book your place with Chris either by email (delniart@gmail.com) or mobile (07866075474).

Thank you

Marion Colton would like to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, good wishes and help given to her since the accident.  

Eco Top Tips – practical ways to take better care of God’s creation

January – On the internet

  1. Switch to using a green search engine on the internet such as ecosia.org , which plants trees to absorb the carbon emissions from your web searches.
  2. Email with care: an email generates 4g CO2e and a large email with lots of attachments up to 50g. Don’t stop communicating, but think before you copy everyone in!


The Church will be floodlit on Wednesday 24th January by Paula Glass in memory of Pamela Little.

If you would like the Church to be floodlit for a special occasion (cost £20.00) Forms are available in Church or online please return to Janet in the Office or email office@wroughton.com.  


We commend to God’s care and keeping those who have, died recently.  We pray for all those who mourn the loss of a loved one.

The Church Office

The office will be closed on Friday 19th, Monday 22nd & Tuesday 23rd January.  Will reopen on Wednesday 24th January.



The Parish Office, Priors Hill, Wroughton, SN4 0RT Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am to 1.30pm

01793 812050  office@wroughton.com

Revd Phill Harrison – Vicar 01793 812301 vicar@wroughton.com

Revd Chris HunterCurate 01793 814987 curate@wroughton.com  Church Twitter Account – @WroughtonWichel

Find us on Facebook – Wroughton and Wichelstowe Parish Church Please follow us for all the latest updates from

Wroughton & Wichelstowe Parish Church.


Newsletter of


feeding the hungry on the streets. Registered Charity No 1072429

January 2024

Dear Supporter, Happy New Year!


We still await some information in order to complete the accounts for the year to 31st December 2023, but the draft figures show that our Income exceeded Expenditure by £2,000. However, of the Income £5,000 was a gift for our van replacement fund, so the reality is we used £3,000 of our reserves to keep going this year.

Included in these figures are donations we made to CGL, who offer drug and alcohol support to the clients and attend every week, of £2,120 and the Salvation Army who heat the soup and water every week for us, of £910.

Our expenditure on food this year reduced from £6,000 to £4,000. We are still only offering two tins to clients, rather than the four we have managed in the past, but the hot dogs, hot drinks, soup and sandwiches, continue!

There is a great deal of “food” support available in Swindon, and it is needed. Regrettably it is unco-ordinated and is not, in general, supported by other interventions which address “homelessness”, which is why our relationship with CGL is so important.


The average number of Clients from September 23 to December 23 was 57. Previously, April to August the average was 56, so numbers have steadied. The highest week was 7th December at 71.

Three counts have been held this year:

  30/3/23 13/6/23 19/10/23
Private Rental 4 9 8
Local Authority / HA 13 14 12
Hostels (Booth & Culvery) 16 5 11
B&B or hotel 4 3 1
Sofa surfing 11 3 8
Rough sleeping 8 8 5
Total: 56 42 45


Of the total of 45 in October, 3 clients identified as veterans.

Concern continues that clients were housed in Hostels with established benefit claims, and still were attending for food, as food is not provided in the hostels.

In July we reported that Swindon Borough Council outreach service had agreed to attend in the future. This has not happened in any meaningful way, which is a great disappointment, and we will take up with the Council’s leader when he visits the project.


Donations can be made to:

The Filling Station (Swindon)

CAF Bank



But, could you also advise of donations by email to: macpherson.angus@btopenworld.com

I can also supply you with a Gift Aid Form if you would like to grow your gift.

Donations of tins & food, can be collected or delivered. Please contact Sue Dallyn, email : suedallyn@hotmail.com to arrange.

There is only one person rota’d for a Thursday evening. Everyone else just “turns up”, and it is important to spend time talking with the clients as well as serving them.

We meet every Thursday, promptly, at 7pm in the delivery area / car park in Queens Street (very near the base of the Murray John Building and behind the Parade).