Financial update 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have been working hard to do things differently and we have been just as busy talking about our faith and serving and supporting one another and our community during this challenging time.


In 2021 we need to continue to cover our costs, but we also need to look forward with hope.

We need the hope of Jesus’ resurrection to be a reality for each church member and we also need to pass on that hope to our community and to the next generation.

To fulfil this hope, each week we will spend:

£113       on our support for other charities

£1,731    on our share of clergy costs: stipend, housing, training etc. and central support for things like safeguarding.

£194       on worship and ministry: for our congregation and wider community, including our church hall.

£451       on administration and running our church building.


each week we will need:

£1,891    from regular congregational giving

£378       from HMRC for Gift Aided giving and donations

£60         from fees: weddings, funerals etc

£160       from other giving and other income streams


At present we expect to be £376 per week short of this.

Our challenge is to cultivate what St Paul calls the grace of giving. We need to think carefully about all we receive from God and prayerfully review our giving.

Our giving sustains mission both here in the UK and overseas for people we may never meet, but to whom we are able to give practical and spiritual support as a result of our ministry of giving.