18th October 2020

Trinity 19


10:00                  Morning Worship – telephone conference

Phone: 03300 945 940

Room number: 60527473 # PIN: 2656 #

12:00                   Morning Worship – live on  Facebook

Revd Barbara Abrey will repeat the reading, the sermon and lead some

short prayers.  Go to our Facebook page

‘Wroughton and Wichelstowe Parish Church’

4pm                      Church at 4  via Zoom  join the Church at 4
group on our Facebook page for the meeting invite
and password.  


Sunday 18th October

Trinity 19

10:00                   Morning Worship

Preacher:             Tracy Mason

Intercessions:     Dr John Godfree

Reading:              Nehemiah 8. 1-4a; 5-6; 8-12

Reader:                Margaret Penfound

12.00                   Morning Worship live on Facebook

Revd Barbara Abrey will repeat the reading, the sermon and lead some short prayers.  Go to our Facebook page ‘Wroughton and Wichelstowe Parish Church’ 

4pm                      Church at 4

via Zoom – join the Church at 4 group on our Facebook page for the meeting invite and password.

Church Service -10am    We will continue with our 10am Service in church.  If you wish to book a place please continue to let Janet know you will be attending (Please let her know on office@wroughton.com or 01793 812050 by Friday lunchtime).  Things will be different to normal, so please make sure you have and wear a face mask; and be aware that you may not be able to sit in your ‘normal’ pew!  We will of course be following all the government and C of E guidelines with regard to social distancing, cleaning and other advice…..

The 10am telephone service is still taking place, so if you can’t join us in the church building please do dial in – you will be taking part in the service in church, albeit remotely.

  • To join the Sunday service first dial this number: 03300 945 940.
  • When prompted, enter the room number, followed by # on your telephone keypad: 60527473 #
  • Finally, enter the guest PIN: 2656 #
  • You may have to listen to some announcements, but you will then be automatically joined to the conference call. Join in with the responses in the liturgy as you would normally.

Calls to ‘03’ numbers are charged at the standard national rate and are included in your ‘free minutes’ if you have a call-plan.

On Line Booking

For this Sunday’s service the link is  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/121363592773

The link to book next week’s service is https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sunday-service-at-wroughton-wichelstowe-parish-church-tickets-121970305467 This should work for several weeks so you must select the right date.

Alternatively you can email office@wroughton.com or phone Janet on 01793 812050

Face masks

Unless you are exempt for medical reasons, please wear face masks whenever you’re in church and please try to ensure that they cover both your nose and mouth. People who are reading or leading intercessions may remove their mask when they get to the lectern. Thank you. 

Who are we missing? Please help us during October

We think that 90 to 100 people are joining us each week when we worship together (on the telephone, in church, on Facebook and on Zoom). This compares well with the number of people who would have met together in the Church or Church Hall before the COVID pandemic but we think that there are some people missing. It’s easy to see who’s around when we meet face to face, but not so easy on the telephone and almost impossible on Facebook.

Help needed please – If you join us on the telephone or on Facebook for a service during October then please could you just let Janet in Church Office know ‘I was there’. This will help us understand who’s taking part and therefore who we might be missing. Thanks, Phill

All Souls Commemoration: Sunday 1st November at 6pm and Monday 2nd November at 6pm

At each service we will be remembering by name those who have died. If you would like the name of your loved one remembered in this way then please contact the Parish Office (we won’t be putting lists at the back of church this year, as COVID restrictions mean that we aren’t supposed to be sharing pens!). The number of people that we can have in the church is limited, so if you would like to attend on either the Sunday or Monday then you will need to book-in by letting the Parish Office know before-hand.

Remembrance Sunday: 8th November

There will be a short service of remembrance in the Parish Church at 10am. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the numbers attending will be strictly limited and you will need to book your space. This service will be running in parallel on the telephone as usual and will also be live-streamed on our Facebook page (search for ‘Wroughton and Wichelstowe Parish Church’). There will be no Holy Communion at 10am on Remembrance Sunday, so we will trial re-introduction of the 8am BCP Holy Communion on Sunday 8th. Please book your place at 8am in the same way as you would for 10am.

Results of Elections at our APCM on 11 October 2020

Mike Awre and Helena Thomas were elected once again to be our Churchwardens; Nick Orman, Joan Orman and Tracy Mason were elected to Swindon Deanery Synod; Peter Ferguson, Mike Mason and Helen Toomer were elected to the Parochial Church Council- we thank them for taking on these roles and pray that the coming year will be both joyful and productive.

Church Hall Cleaning

We’re looking for a cleaner for a short time on a Monday and Thursday evening to help with our Covid 19 secure requirements for our groups that use the Church Hall.  This is a paid position and may lead to more hours in the New Year.  If you know anyone who may be interested, they should contact Janet in the Parish Office (01793 812050) in the first instance. 

Church cleaning
The regular church cleaning teams are now back on duty. However, two of our cleaners have moved out of the village and are unable to continue their cleaning work. If anyone is able to fill the gap, please contact Margaret Penfound on 01793 812139. The work isn’t difficult and you will only be required to do it for a couple of hours every 6 weeks. 

Tearfund Big Quiz

Many of us enjoyed the Big Quiz we held last year to raise funds for Tearfund and we are keen to take part again this year. Of course things need to be a little different so we will be holding a virtual quiz via Zoom on Saturday 14 November at 7.30pm. Watch this space (and Facebook) for further details.

The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society have been in touch to say that they are now going ahead with some of their fundraising activities including the collection of funds from Box networks. If you have a Children’s Society box that needs emptying please bring it to church on a Sunday morning, or drop it off at 12 Artis Avenue. Alternatively I am happy to call and collect your box, please call me on 07596001716 to arrange a time. Many thanks.   Carolyn Kirk

Harvest collection

We aren’t collecting items for The Filling Station or Food Bank (AKA Swindon Food Collective). However if you would like to make a financial contribution to the Food Bank (perhaps the money you would’ve spent on harvest gifts) then they would be very grateful. Details of how to make a one-off donation via PayPal or a regular Standing Order can be found here: https://www.swindonfoodcollective.org/donate-funds. Alternatively, if you put cash or a cheque in an envelope clearly marked ‘Food Bank’ then you can either put it in the collection plate in church or drop it through the letter box at the Parish Office before 26th October and we will make sure that it gets to them.

Knitting for Mission to Seafarers.

I am still collecting hats, scarves and gloves ready to send to the Mission to Seafarers when they resume collections. If you have any completed items please either bring them to church or give me a ring and I will arrange to collect them. Also if you are not a knitter but would like to support this project you could buy balls of Double Knitting yarn (the Prospect shop sells it) and bring them up to church. The boxes for completed items and wool are near the choir vestry. Some of our house bound knitters would welcome some new supplies. Many thanks Janet Henderson 525856

Thank You

Thank you for all the lovely cards, presents and messages I received on my Ordination to the Diaconate. The service was wonderful, moving and nerve wracking!! It was wonderful to have Phill and Michael with me on the day and they did a good job of keeping me calm. On Monday someone asked me how I felt and I summed it up as everything is the same, yet everything is different – which I think is a good place to be! The photo was taken by Phill after the service – I think it shows the relief on my face! Thank you once again – I look forward to being able to visit you all at some point.  Blessings Cheryl

Christians Against Poverty 

Thank you to everyone who supported our Jumble Trail stall and also gave donations. We have sent £165 to Christians Against Poverty as a result. They are very grateful for our support for people struggling to clear debts, often incurred through no fault of their own. 


There is a new Winter Traidcraft catalogue out. If you would like to order anything from it please let me know. There is 20% off pasta until mid October and masks are just £3.20. I will deliver to you if you are not going to Church.  Sally Parker  sally2002@live.co.uk


Please continue to send your photo’s to me office@wroughton.com  so that I can include on the notices and service sheets.  Janet

Floodlighting this week

The Church was floodlit on Friday 16th October in memory of Noreen Paige;

On Sunday 18th October by Eric Pound in memory of his wife, Norah Pound;

On Wednesday 21st October in memory or Vera Newman;

On Friday 23rd October by Lynn Roy in memory of Valerie J. Roy. 


Please remember the friends and family of the late Nigel Olding, Peter Eccleston, Susan Douglas and Matthew Macdonald.

Cheryl Hawkins

Sylvia’s Garden

Developing a habit of daily bible reading:

Three principles from ‘The New Disciple Challenge’ by Keith Ferrin 

Principle 1: To begin with, focus on just five books

  • Matthew– He focuses on Jesus as the Messiah/King and how Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecies.
  • Mark– He focuses on Jesus’ humble servant attitude. What He did, what He taught, and how He lived.
  • Luke– Luke is the “detail guy.” He paints a clear picture of Jesus as the perfect Son of Man.
  • John– He is out to show his readers that Jesus is not only fully human, but He is fully God as well. We see that real, abundant, eternal life can only come through Him.
  • Acts– Luke gives an account of the formation, growth, success, and struggles of the early church. 

Principle 2: Read each book for two weeks

Pick an amount of time. If you can do 30 minutes, that would be ideal. If not, you’ll need at least 15-20. If you only read 5-10 minutes a day, you’ll never get into the “flow” of the narrative and it will be hard to remember what’s happening from day to day. It will be like reading just 1 or 2 pages of a novel each day – boring!

Start with Matthew and read it for two weeks. Since a normal paced, out loud reading of Matthew will take about 2.5 hours, you’ll probably walk through it 2-3 times in those two weeks.

After that, spend two weeks in Acts.
Then spend two weeks in Mark.
Then go back to Acts for two more weeks.
Two weeks in Luke.
Two weeks in Acts.
Two weeks in John.
Finish with another two weeks in Acts.

At the end of 10 weeks, you will have walked through each of the gospels 2-4 times (since some are longer and others are shorter) and the book of Acts 8-10 times. Your knowledge and understanding of the life of Jesus and the first few decades of the early church will be well-established. 

Principle 3: Talk about it

Whatever we talk about we get more interested in. Your favourite hobby. Sports. Movies. Cooking. Think of any topic you love. I’m guessing that you have some friends you could talk with about it for hours on end. The Bible is no different.

Talk about it and your interest will grow. Always do it alone and you’ll find yourself setting it aside after a few weeks.

If you can find 2-3 friends to join you for the challenge, and you get together at a coffee shop once a week, that would be ideal. Or you could email or text each other every day to check in. Perhaps discuss over Zoom of Facebook so that you can share what you’re seeing, learning, enjoying, questioning, and applying.

Whatever you do… find at least one other person to go on this journey with you! Christians weren’t meant to journey with God on their own.